Civil Engineering (ages 11-14) must have completed 5th grade and turn 11 by June 1st

(ages 8-10) must have completed second grade and turn 8 by June 1st.

Warning! there's a natural disaster headed our way and you need to be prepared. Learn how civil engineers design and construct buildings, roads, bridges and dams to withstand natural disasters. Spend a week designing and engineering mini-public works and then see if they can withstand kid-made floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Activities: use engineering design process to create a tower, bridge, dam to withstand natural disasters made by your camp-mates

Highlights: learn how Army Corps of Engineers help our community prepare and recover from a coastal storm

Cancellation policy: To ensure that our camps are of the highest quality, we plan, schedule, and commit to paying for staff, transportation, and recreational activities months before summer camp begins. Families typically book their camp months in advance. Therefore, last minute cancellations are particularly difficult for us to fill since most campers have already made other arrangements for the summer. Consequently, we cannot provide refunds if you cancel any time after 4 weeks prior to the start day of your camp session and can only provide a 50% refund (based on the program’s total tuition cost) if you cancel anytime between 8 and 4 weeks prior to the start date of your camp session. Any cancellations that take place prior to 8 weeks before the start date of your camp session will be charged a 25% processing fee. If you need to change dates (and space is available in another session during the current summer) there is a $25processing fee.

Policy States:
No refunds will be given within 4 weeks prior to start date of your camp session.
50% refunds (based on the program’s total tuition cost) will be given 8-4 weeks prior to start date of camp (50% cancellation fee).
25% processing fee for any cancellations made prior to 8 weeks before start date of camp.
$25 processing fee for any changes in dates.
All cancellation requests must be made in writing or by phone with a confirmation e-mail.

Dates:July 7-11, 2014
Meets:8:30 AM to 3:30 PM
Location:The Teaching Lab Bldg. 1013

Sorry, this course is inactive. Please contact our office to see if it will be reinstated, or if alternative classes are available.

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