Table of Contents - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

All Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Programs

Art and Culture, History, Languages, Leisure and Recreation, On the Road, Philosophy, Religion, Spirituality, Science andTechnology and Writing


From the Constitution to Public Interest . OLLI Special Interest Forums are thought-provoking roundtable discussions on a single topic. The forums are smaller (20-30 people) than the societies and many require pre-reading on the assigned topic and an email address.

Lunch and Dinner Programs

Lunch, and Dinner Programs

OLLI Courses

Art History, Busines, Creative Writing, Education, Film, Health, History, Literature, Music, Political Science, and Science

Opera and Theater Broadcasts

The Metropolitan Opera, live in HD and National Theater Live programs.

Osher Memberships

Membership are available by semester or academic year.

Outdoor, Wellness and Leisure

Aquatics, Walking, Kayaking and other outdoor activities.


PLATO Society; Sea & Coffee, Science & Environmental Academy; OASIS, OLLI Art Society in Session; Roundtables; and WOW is interesting women connecting with regional women experts to discuss meaningful subjects.

Special Events

Adult Scholars, New Horizons Band, College Day


Regional Travel, Domestic Travel and International Travel Programs